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Quick tip: When using a website’s form, always double check the e-mail address you typed in.

Seriously – I have used a form on my website for years. And I would say the amount of messages I get with a “bad” return e-mail address are about one in ten. 

And I’m not talking spam here. I’m talking legit people who wanted a quote request from me, but I can’t reach them because they had a typo in their e-mail address.

Once in a while, I can figure it out the error. is probably But I can’t figure out what’s wrong with when it comes back “user not found”. Sorry slugster, no writing quote for you. 

I found something out too – having someone “confirm” the e-mail is of little help, because most people copy and paste, so the error gets pasted.

There’s no shame in typos. I’m a writer – I make nine thousand a day. But your e-mail address in a form is a bad place for one. 

So anytime you use a form, make sure your e-mail is right. This way, I can get back to you. 

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