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So I get a request to quote a job last week. Here’s what the company says to me:

We’re an international product exporter with a presence on three continents. We need web copy for our new site, which we hope to use to gain a foothold into new markets.

Cool. We do a little back and forth regarding how large they envision the site (although I found it odd they didn’t have an existing site), and I quote them.

My quote was “way more than we can afford“. They then explained they had a budget of $200 for the website. That’s total.

Ok, let’s stop right there. I knew right away they weren’t really an “international product exporter with a presence on three continents.”

Know what they were? A 21-year old kid in a bedroom in Wisconsin (North America – there’s one continent) who bought some get-rich-online drop-shipping “system”. The guy who made the logo for $5 is in India (continent #2). And the 21-year-old kid had a Facebook friend in Australia who chipped in for half the system (and there’s continent #3).

Sigh… I admire the drive. I really do. But not the delivery. He’s young, so I gave him some free advice, and we moved on. 

The internet has allowed small businesses to do big things. Take me for example – I really do have clients on six of the seven continents. But I don’t hide the fact that I’m a one-man operation, working out of the coolest home office ever. 

Increasingly, people can see through the BS. Honesty goes a long way. Be who you are, PROUDLY. 


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