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Given a Choice, I Favor Clarity and Simplicity.

Because Clear and Simple are Always Better.

The Work I Do

(for you?)

What do you need?

… Higher sales? A more engaging message? Clearer communication to customers, colleagues, or employees? 

Or to put it in terms of the actual work, do you need Copywriting? Sales Messaging? Internal Communication? An opinion from a marketing and sales expert who sees the big picture and will be honest with you?

Yup, I do all that. Here’s some typical work:

  • For a new small business, I wrote an e-mail / landing page combo that converted nicely. 
  • For a mid-sized regional chain, I participated in C-suite meetings to help shape a new service which eventually launched in 100+ stores (my name choice won too!) I then rewrote the entire website.
  • For a manufacturer, I advised on, then wrote an internal memo for a sensitive policy change. It was received better than expected. Then I wrote a proposal that won business.
  • For a successful finance company, I reorganized and rewrote the website to help them completely dominate their space, then created an effective incoming call script / instructions for a new sales system.

I’ve been doing this full time since 2001, and have settled comfortably into a “you don’t have a marketing department? Great, hire me.” niche. Some companies I do one project for, then we move on. Others come back a few times a year. Others use me every month (they get a nice discount). I like doing varied work, and I like working directly with businesses.

Plus, I’m really good at what I do. I make clients money over and over and over, in a myriad of ways. So if that’s your goal, we should talk.

Working With Me

It’s easy to work with me. I ask two things: have a reasonable budget, and a good business attitude.

What’s a reasonable budget? Well, you’re going to pay me like a consultant, because that’s what I am. I just happen to write really well too. I typically quote each project as a flat price, and there’s a $500 project minimum. If you can’t afford that, then you aren’t ready for me anyway (no offense – a lot of people aren’t).

By the way, that $500 minimum generally buys you a call with me, and then me writing you something (a page or so.)*  

*That’s a good deal. Oftentimes, this call is a super valuable part of our engagement, because we’ll talk about your business, and I’m going to ask good questions, and tell you what I see. And I’m not afraid to say “See that? That sucks. Get rid of it.” Some companies hire me just to get this call. 

Now onto the good business attitude… Well, if you’re still reading, we’re probably pretty good. Use the form below to tell me what you need, and I’ll quote your project.  

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