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Do What You Said You’d Do, Do It Well, and Be Honest.

Three Simple Truths That Separate Success From Mediocrity.

Meet Dan Furman

One of my favorite clients recently said to me “You know what’s great about you? You see the entire field.”

It resonated with me, because he very succinctly explained what makes me tick. It’s a good description. I do often see things in a big-picture sense*.

*Then I added the “cheap seats” part, and viola, instant site tagline.

I’ve been a worker my entire life, beginning with working in my dad’s iron shop. An 11 year old with an acetylene torch? Yup. Hey, it was the 70’s.

The first half of my career (let’s call it “from 11 years old until 2001”), I was a professional nomad. I did a little bit of everything: Blue Collar, White Collar, No Collar… Restaurant dishwasher. Retail management. Marketing and sales. Driving a dump truck (a forklift too.)  Construction.  Selling cars. Programming and IT.

Pretty eclectic. I definitely did not follow a traditional career path. There may have been a spectacular firing or two in there as well.*

*There was.

Throughout all this – no matter what job I had – I could always write and market. It’s my thing.

Combine that with the fact that I have experience in so many different industries, I can naturally see things from many points of view. This is the value-add I bring to my work. Nobody thinks like me.

Despite many years of experience, I also remain forward-thinking and curious. I like technology, and fun as well. Would it surprise you that I’m an avid videogamer? I am, playing my Xbox almost daily. I’m also a pretty techie dude – no official certifications, but I made my first website in notepad in 1996. That counts.

I started working for myself full time in 2001, and haven’t looked back. I have a copywriting website over at and I’m keeping it there as an archive site. But this site is where I’m going to spend my digital efforts, because moving forward into the 2020’s, marketing is going to be more personal.

Speaking of that, as far as personal stuff, I’m married (see below), and I enjoy working on my house and yard (I’m a decent enough fix-it guy, and I like tools… oh, 2021 update here: we’re moving to NC shortly. New house to get to know – awesome!)

I also like audiophile-level stereo equipment, have a ton of vinyl albums and a wall full of great (and not so great) movies. I like good beer (and brew my own twice yearly), and have become quite adept with my Big Green Egg grill. I also like going to gym every so often, and am a bit of a pistol enthusiast who enjoys shooting at the range (so think twice before stalking!) Despite that comment, I’m not very political, and dislike the constant anger and arguing that goes with politics. I ignore opinion-based “news” (I’m a Reuters / BBC guy), and don’t forward dumb memes or go to nutty websites. I  don’t belong to a political party.

I’m also a long-time member of Toastmasters, and a pretty good public speaker. In addition, I served on my Town’s planning board, because that fits right in with my “big-picture” business sense.

I always seem to need a haircut too.

Vital Stats

54 years old, 5’11”, 210 lbs, somewhat healthy. I think. 

Married to the awesome and beautiful Maryellen for 21+ years. True story: we got married ONE MONTH after meeting online in 1999. Yup – had a few dates, and said “let’s do this”. We flew to Vegas, and the rest is history.