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Well, first of all, I’m married 20+ years, so any date is going to have to include Maryellen. But you probably guessed I’m not talking about that kind of dating.

I don’t date my blog posts. There are a few reasons for that.

The first reason is, dates on a post can make people wonder. If you post one dated post a week for a year, then stop the weekly posts because it’s too hard to keep up, people will wonder what happened*. And none of the thoughts are good. Did he forget about this blog? Did he go out of business? Did he get kidnapped? 

No, none of those happened (hope not). It’s just really hard for most people to keep up original content on a predictable schedule. And date gaps on your website are harder to explain than date gaps in your resume, because you can’t use “assistant tire-shine manager” at your Uncle’s car wash to explain it away. 

*One more thing on this – dates ANYWHERE on your website can bite you. The next time you see a website that has a “latest news” section, check to see when the last thing mentioned was. More often than not, it’s a year ago or more. Which essentially says the company hasn’t done anything newsworthy in a year. Know what? I’d rather see no news section than see “Golden Turnip Winner – 2017” as the last notable thing your company did. 

The second reason for no dated posts is after the yearly calendar flips, no matter what the subject is, your info is considered old and outdated, even if it isn’t. C’mon, you know that’s true – when you search for an answer on something, and the answer was written in 2016, you think “oh…”.

“Old” information is deemed useless, especially online. Internet information ages in dog years.

Most of what I post is… well, I’m not arrogant enough to say it’s “timeless”, but it’s typically not tied to a time period. And if it is (like my June 2020 COVID-19 marketing post), it’s very clear when that thought is from. But my Milkshakes and Copywriting post was first written in 2014 or so. The thought is as relevant right now as it was then. And I suspect it will still be useful for years. I don’t want a “date” getting in the way of that.

I honestly don’t see the upside of dating posts on a blog like mine, where it’s more about you reading my writing and marketing thoughts than anything else. I mean, I LEAD this site with my blog page. It’s not an augment to my site – it IS my site. And if the thoughts are useful and/or fun, then who cares when I wrote them?

I write blogs for clients, and many do date them. And that’s perfectly fine, because A) they pay me to keep it up, and B) they want an archive that goes back years. All good.

Last thought. Maryellen and I still do date. 20+ years into this, and an official weekly date is part of our life together. Sometimes it’s shopping. Sometimes it’s a hike with the pup. Sometimes it’s lunch at a brewpub or dinner out, or a long drive. But it’s always fun. I recommend it. 

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